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Test Camo Pattern for SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU)?


Yesterday when I was tracking down some updates on AOR-1 I ran across an interesting blog that seems to have some insight into test gear being looked at by the Tidewater VA-based SEAL Team 6, aka DevGru.

We know from our friends at Soldier Systems that the company Beyond Tactical has been developing camo patterns for the group, including combat ensembles in AOR-1 (a SEAL version of the Marine desert digital) and AOR-2 (a woodland MarPat). But Legit Kit got its hands on a MultiCam-esque digital pattern that Beyond Tactical ginned up for the DevGru frogmen during the AOR-1 and 2 tests (be sure to check the link for more pics).

This is a camo scheme that looks pretty close to what someone might dub a "universal" pattern. Wonder why it got shunted to the side of the road in favor of two patterns that basically mimic the Corps' MarPat.

If anybody's got any more gouge on this pattern, please let us know.

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