Kit Up!

Osama Hunter Needs Our Help


Some people think he's crazy.

Some people recognize you gotta be a little bit crazy to be a man hunter -- legit or not.

One guy decided to get off his butt and go out there and do something about this whole bin Laden's still out there thing and throw diplomatic niceties and border sovereignty to the wind in a no holds bared search for "enemy numero uno."

...with a freaking sword, no less!

Well, I'm personally taking up 'ol Gary Faulkner's causebecause I'll wager a dime or two he's a Kit Up! reader and when a dude's fed up with a GWOT that's gone on nearly a decade and suffered a politically-correct name change, we all know something's gotta give.

So let's lend this brother a hand and sponsor a gear benefit to get Gary kitted up for his mission should be get back on task. We're talking thigh rigs, assault packs, plate carriers and chest racks -- and maybe one of those tricked out tactical scabbords you wear on your back...

What do you guys think he needs to help him accomplish his mission -- a mission we're too damned scared and lazy to do ourselves!?

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