M4 Grip Pod Popular in the Field


Got a note yesterday from a reader who was wondering what the latest impressions were of the Grip Pod Systems-made M4 Grip Pod -- you know, that forward vertical grip that hides a retractable bipod in its internals.

I will say that it was by far the most popular accessory of its category in the field that I saw. Soldiers generally liked the system and used it not just for a comfortable and stable rest for shooting, but also for keeping their weapon at the ready when not in their hands. It essentially acts as an efficient rest for the weapon when it's not being used.

Now, the only problem I see with the system comes from the critiques Special Operations and hard core competitive shooters -- whose techniques are infiltrating themselves into the training of regular military units -- that are preaching the gospel of the Magpul Angled ForeGrip system and the thumb-over-the-barrel grip. But it seems to me that's still a bit on the boutiquey side of things and the vertical fore grip is here to stay.

We'd be interested to see what our readers think of the Grip Pod...

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