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A good looking alternative to the bulky radio headphones used by troops in the field today might be the Quietpro+ Intelligent Hearing System.

Developed by Norway-based Nacre, the Quietpro features an Ear Bud-like earphone set that uses wiz-bang technology to cancel out loud noises like explosions and gunfire, while still allowing voice to go through.

The system also includes a radio interface and wireless receiver, so you can attach all the comm units you need to keep in touch with the FOB or air.

The earplug shuts out the noise but allows speech to pass, thanks to the electronics built into a microchip. In quiet surroundings the sounds that we wish to hear are allowed past, but in a noisy environment, the system shuts out the noise, allowing only speech to pass. The electronics are built into a tiny chip. In combination with a radio, the system is a complete communications terminal for use in noisy environments.
The biggest advantage I can see is the fact that this thing is just a couple ear plugs rather than the bulky, borderline annoying headsets most troopers wear.
The user's voice is captured in the ear canal, virtually free of noise. This is used for radio communication, so neither a hand-held microphone or microphone clip in front of the mouth, are required. QUIETPRO also functions as a "hands-free" terminal for most types of radio unit.
According to Nacre, the Norwegian army has adopted the system and a news story forwarded to Kit Up! says the system has been tested by the US Marine Corps.

Thanks to tipster CF for the gouge.

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