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Kit Up! for Your Obama Meeting Gen. McChrystal


I know, I know...shameless...

But I still think I can cash in on this whole McChrystal thing at least one more time here with another little interactive game here with KU readers.

So, I was thinking: If I were a veteran special operator with decades of experience and formerly the commander of the most high level team of door kicking man hunters in the world and I were prepping for one of the most dangerous missions of my life -- a dressing down by the president of the United States (nevermind the tongue lashing I was going to get before that meeting from my boss Bob Gates), would I just throw caution to the wind and load out like I was raiding bin Laden's hideout?

Hells yeah I would!

We're talking Crye armor chassis; full MultiCam setup, SCAR (heavy) Mk-17; HK .45 in a SERPA chest holster; Ops Core MC ballistic helmet with full NODs and a M-320 grenade launcher just in case.

Just walk into the Oval Office, or better yet, the Situation Room (Hillary's eyes would pop out) and say "Gen. Stanley McChrystal reporting as ordered sir..."

Is there any rule against that?

I'm kidding of course -- just doing some alternative universe mind games and making a crass attempt at leveraging this controversy for traffic on this gear blog. But seriously, in this bizzaro world I've concocted, how would you BTDTs play it?

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