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Mountain Combat Boot Fielding Policy Changed


You'll remember that we reported in March that the Army was planning to field what we'll call the "Interim Mountain Combat Boot" to all Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan.

The interim Mt. Combat Boot is a Danner Combat Hiker with brown leather and a black rubber rand around the edges. As we reported this week, the Army is looking at a more permanent solution to the needs of Alpine warfare by formally adopting a Mt. Combat Boot.

For now, allJoes in Afghanistan were supposed to be getting the Danner one until the Army decides on a custom boot. But Kit Up! has learned that the Army has made an abrupt policy change to only field the interim Mt. Combat Boot to Soldiers in Infantry Brigade Combat Teams.

That's right. Only Joes who're pulling the triggers and supporting those brigades from within the ranks will get the high-speed hikers in the near term. They'll be issued two pairs of the Danner boots.

Others will have to wait until around the Spring of next year for the official Army version.

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