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Marines prepare for a patrol in Afghanistan with MATVs

Welcome to the new Kit Up!

As I've been saying over the last few posts, we've done a bit of a redesign of the site and have migrated it over to new blogware (WordPress) with lots of new features and components and a better interface for me (the editor) to author more dynamic posts.

Please accept my apologies for the last week of tumult, particularly with the dead comment feature, but this was a necessity for the migration and as of now, most of the comments on the more recent posts are back open, and the older ones will open up throughout the next 24 hours.

On that note, our commenting has switched over to a cool plugin called Intense Debate where our readers can really become a part of the site and insert much more of their personality and knowledge into the conversation. This worked really well when we migrated Defense Tech about six months ago and I have great hopes for it here.

One last thing I want to point out to everyone: We have a new, much more obvious what I like to call "Tip Line" in the upper left of the page where you can send me secure emails about stories I've missed, need to follow up on or look into -- gear you like, dislike, have or need -- all the things this one man band might let slip through the cracks that you guys know should be important to Kit Up and its readers. As always, your tips will leave no fingerprints, though I do ask that you include an email address so that I can follow up if I need to.

So please enjoy the revamped site, become a full member of Intense Debate and send those tips (good and bad...I have thick skin) and we'll all help make Kit Up! the destination for tactical gear news, discussion and insight -- Standard Issue and Beyond!...

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