It Isn't MultiCam Anymore -- Call it...



That's right, the Army has landed on an official name for the new MultiCam uniforms heading to Afghanistan with units deploying in the surge.

Instead of the "MultiCam Combat Uniform" or something that easily rolls off the tongue like that, the Army has decided to officially call it the Operation Enduring Freedom Fire-Resistant Army Combat Uniform -- or OEF FR-ACU.

That's a mouthful.

In other news on this uniform, the Army has slightly modified its fielding policy for this set of duds. As before, the units who are deploying -- or set to deploy to Afghanistan -- as part of the surge are going to get the full compliment of MultiCam accoutrements, including patrol caps, boonie hats, name tapes, "heraldry," pants, coats and packs...

But, for those Joes who are already in theater, they might not see the OEF FR-ACUs for a while -- if ever. According to the PM for Soldier equipment, those troops with 120 days or more left IN COUNTRY will receive the ensemble when logistics allow for them to be delivered in the war zone. Those who have four months OR LESS left in country: no joy on the AfCam.

Also, a technical side note, the new OEF FR-ACUs will not only be fire resistant but also bug proof -- they'll be treated with permethrin, a widely used insecticide.

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