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IMINT: The Most Fly Helmet Camo on Earth

You'll remember that we riffed on the Air Force's camo dilemma when it comes to their ground pounders who attach to other units for calling in air, doing weather analysis, intel -- whatever...

Rest assured Kit Up is still on the prowl for info on Air Force equipment needs and what's being issued for its ground element warriors, so I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw this snap on a .mil site with photos from the front.

We blogged about the new cool helmet on the block with the Ops-Core FAST series. And many of you responded to the post with your impressions on ballistic capability vs weight and comfort.

But these guys have taken it to a whole new level. One dude has this killer "snakeman" paint scheme on his MICH or ACH (not sure which one) that's straight out of the movies in badassery. The other trooper, a TACP, wins the Kit Up award for artistic skill...and bravery. A sky-blue digital that I guarantee was not stock from the Ops-Core factory.

I've included a closeup of the TACP helmet just for our admiration. I blacked out his face, even though this is a publicly available photo, just to add the extra bit of security and to save him from any misdirected ridicule should some of our less stylish readers hurl it.

And one last thing...that isn't "North Face" that the patch says below his chin, trust me...

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