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IMINT: SCAR Sighting with SEALs in Afghanistan

The tips just keep rolling in thanks to our active readers and experts. Keep 'em coming.

"Dorin" sent us a note showing us some pics of dudes using the SOCOM Combat Assault Rifle in The Zone. The pics come from a pretty gouge Flikr page set up by a person dubbed McNasty09 and show some spec ops bubbas donning some pretty sweet kit.

What I always find interesting is the occasional sighting of a SCAR in the hands of a deployed operator. My sources at FN have gone dark but I heard from one of the boys over there off the record that he'd gotten some shots of SEALs using them in The Stan. Well, McNasty09 delivered with the above shot of a SEAL sighting down none other than the Mk-17 SCAR Heavy.

Now, I hear through the grapevine -- but have not confirmed -- that the spec ops bubbas like the Mk-17 a lot more than the Mk-16. That's not to say they don't like the SCAR Light (5.56) but it's just that they really like the SCAR Heavy (7.62). I've been trying to confirm rumors of a flip-flop on the overall buy numbers in favor of Mk-17s, but have not been able to get the straight up scoop...anybody?

Be sure to flip through McNasty09's photo albums...pretty sweet shots. And thanks to Dorin for the tip. Again, keep 'em coming...

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