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EXCLUSIVE: Army Picks Medium Ruck Design


We're about to run a breaking news story on about the Army's selection of a design for the so-called "medium ruck" which is intended to fit the capacity gap between the MOLLE assault pack and the large ruck.

Kit Up went to Fort Belvoir yesterday to get the gouge and grab some first ever pics of the pack. Basically it's a single large compartment with two outer pockets -- each with internal organizers akin to medic packs --MOLLE webbing and zippered closures. But the odd thing about the final design is that it sports an external composite frame not unlike a miniaturized version of the large ruck frame. I've never seen a pack in this class (3,000 cubes) that has an external frame, and it's pretty rare to see even larger packs with external frames these days.

Folks in Afghanistan are going to get the first run of these -- in MultiCam no less -- but they'll be in the general inventory later this year, officials hope.

Check out the pics below, but please read the full story on

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