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EOD Gets Their MultiCam on in Afghanistan

ADMIN NOTE: Due to internet weirdness here at Bagram, this post somehow was erased...I'm doing my best to repost now...

I had the chance to accompany some technicians from the 1st Platoon of the 707th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company based out of Fort Lewis, Wash., on an IED site exploitation mission on May 21.

Aside from the cool footage I shot, which I'll edit together in a package soon, it was an interesting contrast in the types of cammo the team was wearing. One technician, as you can see, is wearing mostly MultiCam. The other is wearing some accessories in MultiCam but not the main uniform in said pattern.

While the EOF FR-ACU is made in heavier material than the ACU and is therefore a bit hotter in these climates than the standard Army uniform, Soldiers say its much more durable.

From the picture below, you can clearly see that at least in this environment, the UCP really stands out against the MultiCam.

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