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Afghan Muzzle Discipline -- Or Not


Afghan Policeman Shoots his own foot during recent operation

Partnering with 3rd World security forces that have poor training and undisciplined leadership is hard enough when it's just a peacetime training stint or dog-and-pony show. But it becomes downright dangerous when its the real thing.

We had the chance to participate in a helicopter air assault May 19 with 2nd Platoon, Angel Co., 3-187 on a small village commanders believed was being used as an insurgent layover during their infil from Pakistan.

The bad guys ditched their clandestine weapons cache and beat feet so not a shot was fired -- except one from an Afghan uniformed policeman who was downright nervous as we began our assault into the village.

Muzzle pointed at his foot, one hand on the grip, finger on the trigger and the safety off. Boom, right through his foot.


He was patched up and taken out during our 'false extraction,' but suffice it to say, the ND posed a tactical dilemma to a young platoon leader on his first combat air assault...he handled it with poise and a little diplomacy.

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