World's Toughest Operator Sports Tactical Sling Pack



So you're a high speed gear maker designing and stitching the edgiest packs and sacks this side of a shoot house and you want to promote your stuff to the baddest of the bad -- who do you want on your pro team?

Delta team sergeant? Hmmmm, maybe...

DEVGRU master chief? Aaaaaa, we'll see...

CTU's Jack Bauer? Now we're talking!

I was watching with rapt attention the latest episode of 24 on Monday (0500 to 0600) as Bauer once again turned a run of the mill escort job into an OK Corral shootout where he almost single handedly took out a team of "wet operators" sent to kill him and some mid-East despot. We all know how Bauer is a fan of the sling pack, right. But in most seasons these have been pedestrian looking satchels or courier bags, lending a sort of casual air to Bauer's Ninja abilities.

But on Monday, Bauer was going tactical in his loadout, sporting what looked like Maxpedition's GearSlinger pack. It was clearly a Maxpedition sling pack, whether it was the GearSlinger is unclear since Jack moves like a Tasmanian Devil in his near constant firefights so it was hard to catch all the pockets and zippers. But it was big and it was a sling-style pack and it was clearly Maxpedition since you could see the label in the front of the sling.

And we know Bauer must be on the Maxpedition pro team since this version of the GearSlinger (in black) isn't for sale until "Mid-April" their site says.

I tried to do a screen grab that would show the pack, but it was kinda time consuming so I did the best I could. I would encourage Kit Up gear spotters to watch the last half of the episode online, since Fox has posted it in its entirety, to verify.

But suffice it to say, if Bauer likes it, you better like it too...or ELSE!

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