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Ummm...Can I Have My MultiCam?



You know there's a supply problem when the supreme commander of forces in Afghanistan -- a US Soldier and Special Operator at that -- can't get his hands on MultiCam and has to resort to old-school BDUs when he visits a COP in the greener East.

And, oh yeah, why not just wear the "universal" combat pattern on your visit?

But more disturbing about the video, which shows Gen. McChrystal getting a brief from infantry leaders at the Korengal Outpost that was recently shuttered, is the feedback he gets from the boots on the ground...basically that the Taliban was caught a little off guard with the pullout timing but is set to launch a major attack on the valley. There's an Afghan commando brigade there to defend the valley, but for all the "we're tracking him" bravado of the Soldier, one has to wonder what the US can do if they don't have forces there. And I love how the LtCol shuts down his captain who was about to say that the place was set to light up like a flash bang as soon as the Soldiers were all gone.

We'll sure keep an eye on this one...and by the expression on McChrystal's face during the brief he didn't like what he was hearing.

Be sure to get into the discussion over at's The Tank where we ask the experts and youwhether the Korengal "realignment" was an admission of defeat.

(The picture up top is of the Korengal outpost that is being abandoned)

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