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Taliban Rejoice in Korengal Pullout

We knew this would happen, didn't we? Just not so quickly.

Didn't the LTCL in the video briefing McChrystal on the Korengal Outpost"repositioning" say the Taliban commander in the area would take a while to muster and move on the camp?

Now, there's a lot to be skeptical about the video: who knows if these are really Taliban (so-called "Big 'T'" Taliban) fighters or villagers with guns; this BS about all this ammo being left -- fuel buried underground? whatever...and "pursuing the Americans", uh huh...we'll see where that gets you.

But still, it's always disturbing to see territory held with the blood of US troops coming under the control of the bad guys.

I guess we'll see if this new "strategy" to cede ground to the enemy pays off. We're sure as heck not seeing the Marines pull stunts like this. Wonder why?

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