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Ranger Team on Doomed Air Force Osprey



It's a bit "big" for a Kit Up post, but I thought I'd add to what my colleague at Defense Tech posted this morning about the scuttlebutt on what happened to the CV-22 that crashed last week in Zabul, Afghanistan.

According to Greg's source, the informed speculation is a mechanical problem that caused an emergency landing. Keep in mind there were survivors, so the crash wasn't catastophic.

Since it went down approx 1 a.m.; it is highly unlikely that it was shot down. The only weapons available to the Taliban are ballistic (RPGs) and IR MANPADS. The visual acquisition requirements coupled with the 30 second seeker head cool down time makes it damn near impossible to acquire the aircraft audibly and then visually acquire the aircraft while inserting the BCU into the shoulder fired MANPAD system, and then waiting the 30? for seeker head cool down and then conduct an engagement in the dark. Additionally, it is likely that the crash would have been more catastrophic given an impact of the SAM and the subsequent conflagration following an impact (fire, hydraulic, confusion, panic).
So, they're ruling out a shootdown. But some snake eaters on a SEAL-heavy forum noted that one of those killed in the crash was a corporal from Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. It looks as if the CV-22 was transporting a raid party for a hit and got into some trouble. They had escort since all wounded in the crash were medivaced out pronto. The Air Force pilots were killed and so was a "contractor" who sources say was a female interpreter on her very first mission.

Our hearts go out to the casualties in that terrible crash and we'll keep working with Greg at Defense Tech and Colin at DoD Buzz to get to the bottom of the incident.

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