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New Wireless Intercoms for Rotor Crews


PEO Soldier has been quietly touting its newly developed wireless intercom system for aviation crews over the last couple months. We at Kit Up concentrate on ground pounder gear, but for our boys in the blue, we've got a post that'll make you drool.

Be sure to watch the video posted by PEO Soldier on the new Aircraft Wireless Intercom System.

Aircraft Wireless Intercom System (AWIS) from PEO Soldier on Vimeo.

We all know that crew chiefs and other aviation folks HATE those long radio cords they're forced to haul around the plane when they're doing checks...the worst part is carefully coiling them back up and stowing them in the plane to get back in. Walk down through the cabin packed full of loaded Joes? Fahgetaboutit...

Well, the Army finally came up with a way to cut the cord on this canundrum.

AWIS supplements the current aircraft corded intercom system for both flight and ground operations for the Army's CH-47 and HH/UH-60 aircraft, and the Navy's CH-46, SH-60, and CH/HH-53 aircraft. The system consists of one aircraft interface unit, up to six mobile equipment units, and one support station including battery charger.AWIS provides:

  • Hands-free communication between hoist operators and rescue personnel on the hoist
  • Full duplex voice-activated mode, hands-free mode, and a push-to-talk mode.
  • Fifty independent channels (aircraft networks) with up to six crew members on each aircraft network
  • Simultaneous omnidirectional communications among all users in the aircraft network within 200 feet of the center of the aircraft

I remembember speaking with project manager Col. Wil Riggins about a year ago and he was still wrestling with the appropriate wireless systems to use -- Bluetooth? Some kind of radio signal? Secure/Unsecure?

Well, they decided on a short range unsecured radio signal that's now cleared for use by aircrew operating here in the US. Riggins said the NSA is still working with PEO on an encription protocol so the AWIS can be used OCUNUS.

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