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New Brit 'MultiCam' Pattern in Afghanistan



We reported this a while back when my friend over at Soldier Systems Daily broke the news that Crye Precision had developed a new camo pattern to replace the venerable British Disruptive Pattern Material "woodland" camo.

But for the first time, the Brits have deployed the new "Multi-Terrain Pattern" camo in Afghanistan as the 40 Commando takes control of Helmand province from the 3rd Battalion The Rifles. Strike Hold had the first hit on this from an ISAF news release.

The MTP is basically a customized MultiCam -- a few longer slashes intermingled among the blob-like splotches of color we all recognize as Crye's standard -- giving it a distinctively UK flair.

The new patter is set to replace all the DPM in the UK military's inventory.

Is Caleb Crye going to take over the world? Maybe...

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