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Caption Contest: Canadians on 'Potrol' in Afghanistan



Our friends over at Strike Hold had an interesting post on the conflict between strategies of concealment based on Cold War -- or just-past-Cold-War -- doctrine and today's combat environments.

But little did they know what sort of treasure they had in this photo they posted to illustrate the argument (Canadian troops wearing desert camo hiding in deep green foliage)...

Ummm, why did the LT decide to rest the patrol here? I mean, I've heard of foreign militaries -- especially European ones -- allowing a few swigs of the hops and barley or vino, but a puff of the peace pipe? Maybe this is a reserve unit from Vancouver.

The funny thing is the grunts don't seem to notice much, but you can see one of the (probable) NCOs chuckling in the upper right of the photo seems to get it...

[I think might have to change its plans and embed with the Canucks for a few "pot-rols"...]

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