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Sometimes Even the 'Quiet Professionals' Need a Hand



Friends of Kit Up over at dropped us a line yesterday to ask for help in raising awareness of a new organization they're involved with that helps the Army Special Forces community out of a pinch.

There are a lot of organizations internal to the Army and even more outside who help Soldiers and their families when hardship hits -- whether it's an injured warrior, a KIA hero or mom and kids who've hit a hard patch when their operator is away -- but sometimes things fall through the cracks and all the resources out there aren't enough.

That's where the Green Beret Foundation steps in. Think of it as a ArSOF QRF.

Through individual donations, the GBF helps families with travel to clinics and other medical-related expenses not covered by TRICARE, rehabilitation costs and memorial services -- among others. The folks behind this organization aren't doing it out of disinterested altruism...they're doing it because they're a part of the community and know its needs.

So check out the Green Beret Foundation and contact them if you want to help America's 'Quiet Professionals.'

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