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It's like a scene from Apocalypse Now...the fire's crackling, the guitar is strumming, the beers are popping -- you just laid waste to a VC village with Wagner blaring from the crew compartment...

What better way to celebrate a full day of 100 percent unleaded American Firepower than a down home barbecue with the lads.

The Washington Post's John Kelley wrote a poignant piece todayabout an Army Joe who wanted the best damned steaks this side of the Korengal. He'd been flipping through some mags at the MWR and ran across this high speed grill maker in the DC area called Grillworks and asked the dude for some spare parts so he could make a FOB version with the help of his Afghan friends.

Turns out "SSgt. BBQ 's" letter got the owner of Grillworks' patriotic heart strings a'strummin' and four custom, deployable  FOBGrills were sent AKO to said Joe.

Now, as any of you BTDTs know, it ain't like you can pop down to the Harris Teeter to grab of prime T-bone in those parts...

"What you have to do is like beg and barter," [SSgt. BBQ] said. He worked contacts, and his contacts worked contacts, until the chopper flights to his base held cases of chicken breasts and the occasional steaks for his thrice-weekly barbecues. He and his friends stockpiled condiments from the dining hall. He glazed with packets of sweet and sour sauce and marinated with apple juice and pineapple juice, salt and sugar.

Oh, come on...try it with some goat, why don't you!?

A great story from the Post and a major shoutout to all those troops who are trying to bring a little bit of the Saturday evening Q to the Sandbox.

"Someday this war's gonna end..."

COMING UP:Armor advances and helo intercomms...

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