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Getta Grip...On Your Mag Well



It was all the rage when it came out a few years ago -- well, maybe sevenish -- that everyone in the general purpose forces just had to have a vertical grip on their M4/M16. The geometry of shooting instruction changed with the widespread use of the grip -- which sometimes hides cool nicknacks like bipods and lights.

But as colleague Greg Grant pointed out, Magpul has come full circle on their training and hardware offerings with the Angled Fore Grip that puts the foreward hand back in the horizontal instead of vertical.

Well, EMA Tactical has a different spin on the idea with their MGRIP system that attaches to the forward edge of an M16/M4's standard magazine well. This simple, streamlined little gizmo seems to be sort of a cross between the vertical grip and the Magpul idea.

A significant number of shooters like to hold onto the magazine well to provide shooting stability. Our new grips provide a comfortable solution. These ambidextrous grips are positioned at a balancing point on the rifle providing a comfortable no slip carry option. Three different models provide the user with their choice of magazine grip.

The MGRIP and MGRIP1 attach to a Picatinny rail, while the MGRIP2 attaches directly to the mag well. I too see a lot of troops using the mag well as balancing grip for their forward hand and it looks like this low-profile device could give a little extra stability when it counts...but I'm no tactics instructor, so I'd be interested to hear what our informed readers think of this idea.

PS -- This (Israel-based) company has a host of interesting ideas, including the Countdown Magazine and the RONI pistol rifle (which I will post about soon). Below is my video I posted after shot on EMA's Countdown Mag.

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