A Cool New 'Hood' to Keep Out the Heat



PEO Soldier is fieldinga new flash-resistant pullover hood for Soldiers in combat who are, as my colleague Greg Grant over at Defense Tech reveals, are more susceptible to highly explosive IEDs in Afghanistan than they ever were before.

The military can bang all the radio frequencies it wants, hunker down behind six inches of steel plate and wave as many bomb-detectors around as it can, but in the end, the last line of defense is the stuff that's right up next to your skin.

The new Lightweight Performance Hood is essentially a souped up FR balaclava that sports a cooling mesh dome on top to keep your Kevlar-covered noggin cool. The hood works as well at fire-resistance as the older Anti-Flash Hood, but balls up to a fist-sized package that can fit in a grenade pouch.

Lightweight Performance Hood from PEO Soldier on Vimeo.

Too hot during your patrol, pull the hood down around your neck and use it to beat the body armor chafe and eat up some sweat. When you get back into that Humvee for MRAP to RTB, roll the bad boy back over your head and get the full NASCAR look for fire protection.

Says PEO Soldier: The LPH is Foliage Green and blends very well in most environments. It is further concealed by the Soldier's helmet. With the Army's decision to provide FR uniforms in MultiCam to Soldiers in Afghanistan, PM SCIE "will be evaluating a color adjustment in the near future" for the LPH to ensure a good match with MultiCam.

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