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The Real Rat Patrol Truck



We've been riffing on the Marine Corps' purchase of the GD-built Internally Transportable Vehicle in the 2011 budget and there's been some serious back and forth on whether this is good use of taxpayer dollars.

One thing we might want to think about is leverageing the experience of warriors who've been fighting tough, low-tech insurgencies for decades...say, the Afghans maybe?

With all these little jeeps costing $300 grand and debate over size, protection, speed (5 mph max!?) and armament, maybe we ought to step back COIN-Plane-style and take a page out of the low-tech ANA book.

One look at this Mad Max-ed out Humvee just screams Bad Assery. Armored cab, ripped off Shell Oil Afghan trucking company logo on the door and a helicopter killing DShK 12.7mm machine gun mounted Somali-style in the Hillbilly Humvee bed.

-- Christian

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