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Osprey Marjah Recon Raid Revealed



Some of you all complained that that photo that accompanied the post last Friday about the raid by Marine Force Recon troops using MV-22s to insert wasn't accurate insofaras that troops weren't from Force and the Osprey was from the wrong squadron.

No photos from the raid were available at the time, but just today the PAOs over there at Leatherneck posted the first shots from the Feb. 19 raid. One thing to remember is that the Osprey has a slightly smaller cargo compartment than a 46 -- or at least it feels smaller when you're flying in it -- and I'll tell you, the way that thing arcs up out of the zone, I always felt like I or my gear was going to roll right out the back of the ramp.

Notice a couple things in the photo below...pretty cozy in there with the Force bubbas and their gear for a few days (a little side note, Col. Vest told me they had to get an ammo resupply later in the morning since they got into a little bang bang with some angry Talibs a little pissed that their beauty sleep was rudely interrupted by some of the Corps' finest). that a MultiCam ruck I see in the foreground!?

Osprey-marjah-raid-recon -- Christian

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