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Ganjgal Insights and Supressor Stats



We've had some great feedback on a couple posts here and I wanted to share some comments from informed readers who've piped up in the discussion.

First, I want to highlight "Joycesupport"'s comment regarding the Ganjgal findings that chided field officers with 10th Mountain for losing SA on the ambushed training team.

Joycesupport writes:

Lets not forget that this said battalion was stretched pretty thin. They were the only battalion detached from their BCT and attached to 1ID and then 4ID 4th BDE. They supported both divisions and ETTs on all aspects they responded to OP Bari Aili when it was over run, Barge e Matal for elections and COP Keating when it was attacked and almost over run. So before fingers start being pointed take a look at the higher echelons and applaud these fine soldiers for what they did and could do.

The writer has a very good point and one I ignored in my rather knee-jerk post on the reports findings. Seems that with a handle like "Joycesupport" the writer is well informed since the support for the Ganjgal unit came out of FOB Joyce.

I'm not going to comment any further because I just don't know enough about the challenges there, but I want all KU readers to take a moment to consider what Joycesupport is saying and bear that in mind when considering the Ganjgal report.

Another good one came from FreeFaller who ID-ed the Marine rifle in the supressor post. I have no way of verifying, but thought I'd throw it out there for the general public to see if they agree:

Thats not a M16a4. Its a Mk12 mod 1 with a Leupold mk4 3-9x36. Its a sniper rifle not a DMR. Although it is being used by DMs of all branches, just like the AR-15/SR-25/M110. You can clearly see the Ops Inc collar which the suppressor sits on. I carried one for two years in Iraq and another in Afghanniland. I have since built myself a clone of it. Its capable of MOA at 700 yards with the suppressor and Mk262 which is only matched by bolt action rifles. Doug, the Ops Inc 12th is indeed matched to the rifle. The only con is has is it weighs 1lb.

Also had another good one from Mike who gave a little more insight into his unit's use of said supressor:

I was an Infantry Marine in Ramadi, Iraq 2006. Our company issued us Knight's Armament suppressors, one per platoon for our M16A4 rifles. I was lucky enough to get the one for my platoon after shooting a street light out at 50 meters to cover our egress one night when the Iraqi Army decided to open fire on us. One quick stop at the armorer where he switched out my rifle's muzzle for one notched to fit the suppressor. The M16 shoots like a dream with a suppressor, less noisy and with an extra pound at the tip of your rifle the already minimal recoil all but disappears. Our company had also obtained an MP5SD for use on our nightly patrols. So in my experience as one of the general purpose troops, the suppressors are definitely out there being used by us grunts.

Just a little "value add" to the post around here. And thanks to all for the great comments and insights.

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