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Barretts in the Box



Whoa!...another example of singular badassery: A shot of Marine snipers dialing down the barrel of a tricked out and camo-clad Barrett .50cal sniper rifle.

My question: What are they freakin' looking at that requires a hunk of lead like that? Or were they just fed up to the gills with the Talib sniper who keeps plinking their Leatherneck bros and decided to get all Medieval on him?

Either way, it's rare to see a Barrett team in action on the battlefield. And I've never seen one all painted up like this one.

Let's get into some discussion here. What do KU readers think of the Barrett? It's been in action and while and I know the army is looking at alternatives that are lighter and more transportable. But I've fired the Barrett and the Bushmaster player in that class of weapon and while I liked the Barrett, the Bushmaster is pretty sweet.

-- Christian

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