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All Soldiers to Receive MultiCam in Afghanistan

MultiCam in Af

According to my good friends at Soldier Systems Daily blog, the PEO Soldier Brig. Gen. Peter Fuller has ordered so-called "Course of Action 1" on MultiCam uniforms, which means all Soldiers in Afghanistan will be fielded the scheme. As of now, only a battalion's worth of Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment have been given the MultiCam duds, but our well sourced friends at SSD got a note detailing the decision.

We'll have more to follow up on this as the story develops, so stay tuned here.

UPDATE#1: Army spokesman Lt. Col. Jimmie Cummings told Kit Up late last night that the final decision has been ramped up to the Army Secretary level on whether to go forward with the full fielding. But since John McHugh is a creature of Congress, which (Murtha) intitially forced the Army into this decision, it's a lead pipe cinch he's going to go ahead with the fielding. I suspect there will be a roundtable to discuss the decision -- probably after deadlines tomorrow -- so stay tuned for more updates here and at

-- Christian

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