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Drop Bayonet Training? Say It Aint So!



From our own news page comes word that theArmy's Training and Doctrine Command wants to dump bayonet training. Newrecruits just don't have enough time to learn all they need to prepare them fortoday's wars in a 10-week basic training course, so teaching soldiers to gutthe enemy with a few inches of pig iron has got to go, according to Army Lt.Gen. Mark Hertling.

"We were teaching Soldiers too much stuff," Hertling isquoted as saying. He said bayonets don't fit on modern rifles anyway so thetraining was kind of pointless.

Now, how long does it take to train a soldier to stick abayonet into the enemy? Maybe five minutes of classroom time spent drawing outthe idea on a chalkboard and then a few practice runs stabbing a straw filleddummy, I would think. After all, most humans intuitively know how to jabsomething with a sharp stick.

While I think most would agree that bayonet training may bea bit superfluous on today's battlefields, the training might have some value inproviding soldiers some of that "warrior spirit," because further down in the story weread this:

"Hertlingalso wants combatives or hand-to-hand fighting to de-emphasize grappling orbasic wrestling moves. Instead, Soldiers need to learn to fight with theirhands and use anything they can grab -- whether it is a knife or stick -- as aweapon, he added.

Recruitsneed to learn how to use their hands, the St.Louis native said. "A greater majority of recruitshave never been in a fistfight," he added."

Never been in a fistfight? What are they teaching kids in highschool these days? 

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