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Submitted by Swissfreek

What about the ASP by Gear Sector? It's got buckles on the loop so you can doff it, and also just above the connection to the weapon so you can switch out the connector. It's a little cheaper than the VTAC, but on the downside it's not bungee and doesn't have the cam lock.Midwest Industries makes the endplate adapters to get the QD mount behind the receiver. Those aren't cheap, though. You're looking at ~$40 just for the adapter. Blackhawk also makes one, but it's even more expensive, like $60 or so last I saw it. I bet there are others, but those are the ones I know of that don't require removal of the castle nut for installation.ED - Swissfreek, The ASP certainly looks like a viable bare bones alternative to the hook.  They use the same style of Fastex buckle, and it wouldn't be any more difficult to attach and detach than would the hook.  Personally, though, I'd like to get away from the Fastex buckle.  While I'm not opposed to them, and I've no worries about their durability, it seems that I've gotten into the habit of accidentally clipping my weapon to my rucksack in the dark.  Both my ruck and the wolf hook have the same size clip (the clip on the ruck is for the optional assault pack and sometimes if flops forward near my shoulder where the hook attaches.)   One solution, I know, is to put some tape on one or the other, so I can tell, by feel, which buckle is which, or to ensure that I use different sized buckles.  Though, in looking at it, the ASP buckle is down near the weapon, which would make all that a moot point.Regarding the Midwest Industries QD mount, I think this is exactly what I'm looking for.  While I do want a new sling, what I really want is a new attachment mechanism, and that QD sling swivel looks like just the thing.  Yes, I'd need to get a stud mount for the rifle, but that's no biggie (the one thing we do have in the arms room is a ton of tools, so removing the castle nut is not an issie.)  In fact, in looking through the MI site, one sling assembly that caught my eye was the DPB (Dedicated Push Button) sling with the MCTAR-30 end plate sling adaptor.  Yeah, like you said, the two add up to around $50-60, but I can live with that.

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