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Arc'Teryx Tango Pack



Submitted by Canis

The Arc'Teryx Tango looks a little like the Marine ILBE, but without the side pouches (great for canteens or a SMAW/LAW rocket.) Or for that matter the E-tool pouch on the front, that the civilian model doesn't have either. I put a link to the civy version on here.

ED - Canis, the Arc'Teryx Tango looks like a full up rucksack (The photo is a stand alone shot, rather than one of a Joe wearing it) which might make it even larger than the CHIEF, especially once you factor in the attachable assault pack.

Any idea on the volume of this ruck?  I know it's based on the ILBE, which the Marines say can carry 120 pounds, and is configured for the internal transport of 60 and 81mm mortar rounds, but there's no mention of it's interior volume.

Finally, have you used the Marine ILBE?  How does it stack up against the large ALICE ruck?

Check out the Arc'Teryx Tango here.

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