Rocket Fuel


300 Submitted by AmthoAlso try the waterless hand cleaner gel that every grunt should be carrying.  I love playing with that stuff.  It puts out a blue/clear flame (read extremely hot) and it is a gel, so handles well.  Put that in the middle of your tinder and you are good to go. 

ED - Amtho, you are a genius.  I gave this a go, and as you described, it functioned as advertised.  In experimenting I found that trying to ignite a blob of this stuff is a bit problematic; while you could light it with a match, it didn't light very well with my sparker.  Once I soaked a cotton ball with it though, it sparked right up.  In fact, when used in conjunction with my old WWII-era ration heater, all I have to do is repack the tin and keep it saturated with Purell, which, as you say, can be found everywhere.  In fact, this has become my new tactical fuel of choice (I'll use the trioxane until my supply is exhausted, but I don't see myself buying any more.)

Officially, the only Purell product I tested this with was their "stock" sanitizer, which listed Ethyl Alcohol as the only active ingredient (62%).  While I'm sure their other products might work just as well (except for maybe the foaming stuff) when in doubt I'd recommend you read the label first to see what you're burning.  Purell is available at most convenience and drug stores.

Check out Purell hand sanitizer here.

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