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AsipSubmitted by Eric Daniel

Recently, my unit transitioned to the ASIP radio.  While this is all good and well, it has created something of a situation.  Prior to the ASIP we were using the stock SINCGARS which, in turn, were essentially the same size as the old PRC-77s we used to use, so, out in the field, we were able to use the same radio packs and frames for hauling the radios around. 

Obviously, the ASIP changed all that.  The ASIP is a fraction of the size of the SINCGARS and its size doesn't really justify putting it in a dedicated backpack-style mount.  Moreover, there was no longer any real reason to have a dedicated RTO to carry the radio; the radio was now small enough that the leader could just carry the radio as part of his regular kit.

The problem here is where to put it?  Now, I'm a big fan of surplus gear because there always seems to be something out there, from a previous period, to do a job you need doing.  In this case, the job I needed done was finding a means of securing the radio to my MOLLE compatible assault vest.  Unfortunately, I seem to have struck out.  After searching high and low, far and wide, in this army and many others, I haven't been able to find a surplus bag for the ASIP.  The only, and I mean only, MOLLE compatible pouch I've seen for the ASIP is the Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. ASIP pouch.  Now the Blackhawk bag seems like just the thing I was looking for, but it's also $70-80, and I wanted to be good and sure this was my only option before I considered buying one.

So the question for all of you who have gone before with the ASIP radio is, are there any alternatives (one other option is I bury the radio in my camelback, but I'd prefer to be able to access the faceplate) to the Blackhawk pouch for transporting the radio, and if so, what are they?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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