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The Parahooch and the Assault Shelter


SoloassaultSubmitted by Doug

Another couple of options for tactical shelters include: the Parahooch and Tipis from Kifaru and the camping outfitter Sierra Designs which makes shelters, bivy bags and sleeping bags.

ED - Doug, interesting gear here.  As a completely minimalist approach, the Parahooch looks like a winner, since it's extremely lightweight (11 oz. without the optional pole kit) and freestanding (you don't have to tie it off on a tree or "something") and appears to be less complicated than the tarptent design.  The "hooch" is made of UV resistant and waterproof paraglider fabric and is available in two colors; white and coyote brown.The Sierra Designs solo assault shelter (which is said to be an issue item for the Navy SEALS) looks like a good all around choice as well.  Though heavier than the parahooch by almost 3 pounds (packed weight is 4 lb. 6 oz.) the assault shelter is also a stand alone tent.  You do not have to stake it to anything in order for it to work (with the tarptents, at a minimum, you have to be able to stake the corners to the ground, which would limit it's utility in sandy or soft soil situations where the ground wasn't firm enough to hold the stakes, or in snow.)  The assault shelter is similar in design to the ICS except that it is of a single wall design (there is no rain fly, which saves on weight) though it also comes with an attached "lean to" type vestibule over the main "door" which can be staked down, tied off on a tree branch, or connected to another assault shelter to increase covered area.

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