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Improved Combat Shelter


ICStent Submitted by Sean Gilday

The Army issues a Combat Shelter half ICS (Improved Combat Shelter NSN: 8340-01-521-6438) in the ACU pattern that's damn good. The NYARNG gets them to all the snuffies. Before that the same shelter was available  Woodland. It was made by Catoma for one.It has a floor, rain fly, and insect netting and can fit your ruck and weapon all comfortably inside.ED - Sean, good call.  I tried to look up the ICS with the NSN that you provided and I could only find one civilian supplier.  I also looked at Catoma, and while they do offer a number of interesting military shelter options (most under 6 pounds in weight) the ICS was not among them.Some notes on the ICS. The shelter itself is made from flame resistant rip-stop nylon and comes with a detachable waterproof rainfly suitable for three season use which also provides a vestibule for gear storage.  The fly can also be erected as a stand alone item without the tent.

Check out the ICS here.

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