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Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones



Submitted by Tom Weber

I have had a set of Shure E2c Headphones for four or five years now and they are the best portable music accessory I have ever owned. I prefer their earpieces to the softer ones used on the Bose in-ear models. They came with a handful of different sized ear pieces to give a semi custom fit. The ones I found best for sound isolation were the orange compression foam version. The sound quality is excellent and I have found that I get better battery life out of my iPod since I don't have to turn the volume up as high to compete with outside noise. The cord is shielded with some nylon braiding and they came with a handy little zippered pouch that will go in a pocket or be clipped inside a bag. Shure now make an updated model called the SE 110. The assortment of earpieces is a little smaller, but still gives a good range of fits, the cord is still braided, but now made as a modular unit for use with remote controls. And as a bonus, there is a microphone adapter available, allowing you to use it as a complete hands free kit for any phone/PDA with a 3.5mm jack.

Check out the Shure SE110 earphones here.

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