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Leupold Custom Bullet Drop Scope Turrets



Submitted by Eric Daniel

As I mentioned previously, my solution for storing ballistic data for my M-14 was to write it on the retractable tape.  While I was thoroughly satisfied with the performance of the Leupold retractable tape, I was always on the lookout for something easier (if such a thing could be found.)

Well, as fortune would have it, not long after I left Iraq, Leupold came out with custom engraved turrets for rifle scopes.  Tell Leupold what cartridge you're shooting, the bullet weight, bullet type, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, average air temp and altitude you're shooting at, and they'll cut you a turret for your scope with range ticks on it, saving you the trouble of having to count the clicks yourself (you just rotate the turret to the desired range and you're good to go.)  What I like about these is they eleminate the influence of battlefield stress on the situation.  You don't have to go through the process of counting clicks, which, with the .25MOA M1 turrets could be time consuming

Leupold can engrave the information on a variety of turrets, so you can select the ones that best work for you.  In addition, as in my case, you can have different turrets made for the different bullets that you're shooting and just swap out the turrets as required (just remember to have your scope set to zero before you swap the turrets out since what is the 600m setting on M118LR will not be the same setting for 600m M80.)

Check out the Leupold Custom Shop here.

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