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When you buy Bose, you're paying for their advertising budget, which is massive. Any other speaker in the same price range will be superior, since other manufacturers put their money into... the speaker. Notice that the 901 page gives more details about the composition of the cabinet than the drivers? That there's no frequency response graph or even specs? There's a reason for that. The "reflection" "technology" is just added reverb, which does indeed replicate a live concert... held in a gym. Reflections smear the sound, leading to a loss of clarity. That is why recording studios have foam on the walls at the reflection points between the monitors and the engineer's chair. Good concert halls are also designed to control reflections, and sound-absorbing acoustic panels are one of the cheapest and easiest upgrades you can make to your stereo.  (If you want reverb, most stereo receivers these days have a number of "hall" or "concert" settings which will add reverb. But can still be turned off any time you want to hear that jazz singer as though she were sitting right across from you.) It's a little harder to mess up in-ear headphones, but there are still better brands for the money.

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