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Submitted by Mike

I have been enamored of a little nylon thing with a spoon on one end and the fork on the other. Forget who made it but you can buy it at any Wal-mark or K-mart in the country for three bucks. Works like a spoon and a fork (even though I hate plastic forks this is close to acceptable to me.) Really, how many times to you use a spoon and a fork in the same meal anyway? If they would make a titanium model I would buy it and give it to all my little friends who think a spork is actually something to eat with......

ED - Mike, I'm assuming this is similar to the spoon/fork thing you're referring to.  I got this off of Wal-Mart's website, and it's bundled with some other camp cookware, for a total cost of $14.98.  If you look closely at the fork portion, you notice that one edge has been shaped to serve as a cutter.

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