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Sterling Carbide Pocket Sharpener



Submitted by Lewis Perdue

I swear by the Sterling sharpener. Pricier, but it's served me for years and years.

ED - Some additional information.  The Sterling sharpener features a pair of tungsten carbide sharpening "teeth" set into a 20 degree "V" notch, just like the ceramic rods on the Fiskars sharpener.  The carbide teeth are mounted on an A32 aluminum body, which can be custom colored (the stock sharpener is red.)  Sterling warranties the carbide teeth and construction for life, but does not warranty the custom coating (i.e. they warranty the teeth forever but not the grizzly bear painted on the body.)

The stock sharpener retails for $19.95

One thing to note.  The company says that you can clip this sharpener to your key chain, making it a "go anywhere" sharpener.  In this post 9/11 world though I'd ask first before you try to take it on the plane.  Yes, I know it's just a sharpener, and it's got no sharp, "weapon-like" edges, but I'd hate to see someone have to DX theirs at the X-ray machine because the TSA employee at the security checkpoint thought it was a weapon.

Get a Sterling Pocket Sharpener here.

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