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Nice camera you got there. But when you take it to war you probably need something to protect it? A travel friend I used to go to Egypt with had this great neoprene cover for his digital canon camera and he never had a scratch on his brand new camera.

ED -- The item in question is the Zing Designs wraparound neoprene camera case.  The one-piece case is made from 5mm closed cell neoprene.  By design the case does not require snaps or buckles to work, so it's quick and easy to put on and take off.  Something to keep in mind with this product though; while the neoprene itself is waterproof, the case is not water tight, so if you jump in a lake with it, your camera will get wet.  Also, I don't know how well the neoprene will hold up to prolonged exposure to the high temperatures in the desert (my neoprene experience is limited diving in the North Sea and off the Northern CA coast.)  I would hate to see this case melt around someone's camera.Check out the Zing Designs camera case here.

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