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Submitted by Bruce Lancaster

I vote a different way. Multitools are clumsy when used as knives or screwdrivers, have pliers that are weak because of cast jaws and hinged handle, and generally have problems because most either lack blade locks or have blade locks that are difficult to unlock.

My solution I think gives you better tooling on all fronts, and is really about as compact. Get a pocketknife whose array of blades and screwdrivers suits you. My personal choice is a Bundeswehr pocketknife that is fairly common in surplus. Then get a small set of pliers, the Channelock general type with jaws tilted to size. Small for use in respectable society will differ from small for field use with big pockets...smallest will be sold as ignition pliers, next step up for capacious pockets is a couple of inches longer and capable of fairly heavy use. Good pliers, capable of use as wrench within their size range, and tip contact area usually serves as a powerful wirecutter. Real forged pliers that are almost unbreakable, if you get a respectable brand. Soup'em up a bit by grinding a handle tip to screwdriver, too.

ED - Bruce, I assume this is the style of pocketknife you are referring to (this one comes from KLAAS.)  With respect to the other tools you mention, do you have any brand recommendations?  Also, what to you use to secure the tools?  I would think a small leather or canvas tool roll might do the trick, but I was curious if you used anything in particular?

Check out the German Army pocketknife here.

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