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Submitted by Nicholas

If you want to bump one step up and get "pro-level" photos with an idiot proof camera, Canon digital rebels are a good deal: I've done a lot of photography at the NTC (I'm a civilian photo dork/soon to be war photographer--long story) and that's camera I use. I can take around 1000 pictures on the memory card, and extra rechargeable batteries are relatively cheap. Plus, when you get back to the States you can enlarge those suckers up to at least 20x30" if you want.

ED -- Nicholas, what model Canon Rebel do you use? In looking over the offerings, it seems the "lowest" grade of digital Rebel runs about $450.00 (for the Digital Rebel XT.)  Are these cameras reverse compatible with standard SLR  (Single Lens Reflex) lenses or do you need to use new EOS auto focus lenses?  (I ask because while I do want to upgrade my current pocket digital to a 'real" 35mm digital, I also want to be able to use the SLR lenses I have for my manual Canon AE-1 camera.) Also, something to bear in mind, especially from a tactical point of view, is that while the 35mm digital cameras take significantly better pictures than the smaller pocket cameras, they don't, especially with lenses attached, exactly fit in your pockets.  In the field I keep my little pocket camera in a Ziploc bag in my thigh pocket where I use it primarily for photographing evidence, documents, and persons of interest.

  Check out the Canon Digital Rebel here

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