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Submitted by Dave

I have always owned and swore by Randall (#1) or Cold Steel (Wilderness Master). They got me through a lot of hairy situations and are tough choppers, hackers, and both slice Spam very well!

ED - Some additional info.

The Randall #1 all-purpose fighting knife is handmade by Randall Made Knives.  It is available in 5", 6", 7", and 8" blade lengths, and all blades are constructed of .25" thick high carbon tool steel and feature a leather handle, brass double hilt and duralumin butt cap.  The current list price for the Model 1 is $330 and there is a 58 (yes, five eight) month back order on any knives ordered, so don't expect to get yours until 2013.

I wasn't able to find any Cold Steel knife listed as the Wilderness Master, but I did find a knife similar to the Randall, listed as the Trail Master.

The Trail Master is 9.5" long (14.5" overall), 5/16" thick, and weighs 17.5 oz.  It features a 5" non-slip checkered Krayton handle, and the blade itself is manufactured from Cold Steel's own San Mai III steel.  The list price for this knife is $458.00.

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