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Kelly Kettle, a Touch o' the Irish



Submitted by Gus

"..First used over a century ago by Irish gypsies and Irish fishermen, a Kelly Kettle will boil water in just a few minutes, depending on the fuel.

Made from aluminum, it is essentially a double-walled chimney with the water contained in the chimney's double wall.

ED - This stove is a somewhat different take on the others featured here in that it is strictly a solid fuel burner (even to the point of using camel dung) though I suppose you could use fuel tabs such as hexamine or trioxane, or sterno cans in the burn pan.  In addition, for the most part, this stove is strictly for boiling water.  While there is an attachment for the 2.5-pint model which allows you to "stack" a pot on the kettle's chimney for additional cooking space, boiling water is what it does best.

This having been said though, if solid fuel availability is not an issue the 1-pint version might be a viable option for personal use in the field, where packing liquid fuel is impractical and or dangerous, where re-supply might be spotty, or if you're traveling by air, where the transportation of liquid fuel is prohibited.

Check out the Kelly Kettle here.

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