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K-light Solar-Powered Lantern



Submitted by Carrie Lee

I'm not sure who this needs to go to, but I found a really neat camp light.  It's a solar powered LED light the size of a soda can - small enough for military to pack.

ED - The PiSat K-light is a battery-powered multi LED light that can be recharged using a supplied solar panel.  The light is equipped with a pair of brackets for positioning and stability.  The K-light has two power settings, low and high power.  The low power setting uses half the light's sixteen LEDs to provide 180 degrees of illumination, while the high power setting uses all sixteen lights to provide 360 degrees of light.  At low power, the battery will last 20 hours.  Battery life at high power is 10 hours.  The recharge rate for the K-light is 1:1 at low power (you get one hour of light for every hour spent charging.

The unit weighs 22oz. (1 lb. 6 oz. or .6 kg.) and the nickel metal hydride battery has a lifespan of 3,000 cycles, which equates to 10 years of daily use.  Once charged, the light will hold its charge without decay for 8 months.  The light and solar panel are both water resistant and the light itself floats which makes recovery easier if it should go overboard.

On the downside, the K-light can only be charged with the solar panel (there is no wall plug in) and it appears to be white light only, though this could be corrected by covering the lenses with some opaque colored tape available at most automotive parts stores.

Check out the K-light here.

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