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Goncz Hi Tech Tactical Lights



Submitted by Oz

There is another American-made flashlight that rivals Surefire (I own one of each), both from Goncz Hi-Tech.

The Goncz is smaller and lighter in weight, but has very similar output characteristics, is made of similar aircraft-alloy aluminum, has a similar array of accessories, and generally stacks up pretty well. It is also a lot cheaper...

ED -- Oz, In looking over the Goncz website, I assume you're refering to either the "M" series tactical lights, or the E-1 lithium LED light, as the remainder of their line is rather large (10+ inches.)  All of these lights use either 6v or 9v lithium batteries, and burn times range from 20 to 120 depending on model and output setting.

Check out the Goncz lights here

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