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Trudeau "boardroom" travel mug



Submitted by Ken C

I have had the Trudeau "boardroom" travel mug for almost two years and love it. This is no boardroom item - although it looks great and drinks great, it is tough as nails. Mine has a couple of pretty good dings in it and the lip is a little rough in one spot from sliding down the side of a mountain, but it keeps my coffee hot in winter and - most importantly - it keeps the coffee in the mug (as long as I remembered to twist the top shut).

The mug was a gift from my wife and she purchased it at Starbucks and I wanted to get one for my wife for Valentines but they do not carry them any longer. After two+ hours of searching online today, I found this website and followed the trail of internet cookie crumbs to finally find one about 60 miles away. I like my cup so much that I will make that drive to buy her one. I could not find one at any of the online retailers that Trudeau lists on their website except, but I did find them at and - but I wanted it for tomorrow anyway so I am off to Cafeggio Coffee in San Antonio to pick it up.

Now, if Trudeau could just come up with a way to remind me to twist the lid shut...

ED -- Ken, I assume this is the mug you're talking about.  You're right, finding one can be a challenge.  In addition, I noticed it only comes in two colors; pink and avocado, and KlinQ was the only site to offer the avocado.  Nothing like taking a pink travel mug on route recon :)

Check out the Trudeau travel mug here

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