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Submitted by Eric Daniel

ED - In addition to offering flashlight suggestions, a number of you also offered up suggestions where to get batteries.

Andiceman:  "If you're paying $12 per battery, or even $12 per two batteries, you are paying too much. Sure, that's what the CR123A cells go for in stores where they are primarily sold for cameras and such, but you can easily find quality batteries online for less than $2 per cell. I get mine at Battery, but there are many other reputable sources online." 

KG2V:  "As others have said, from Surefire themselves, or Battery Station, you can get CR123A batteries for about $2 each, which actually makes the care and feeding of a G2 somewhat reasonable."

Vorfeed:  "I can't vouch for their reliability with a Surefire-branded light, but I've got a knockoff that runs fine on the rechargeable 123As you can find on EBay. $20-$40 gets you 4 batteries and a charger. Alternately, you can get slightly higher-class (but probably otherwise identical) rechargeable at places like Green Batteries. Like that site says, "Not recommended by Surefire, can sometimes burn out bulbs, etc"... but to my mind, a new bulb is pretty cheap compared to $150 for the Surefire rechargeable lights. For what it's worth, that site's author says that the rechargeable batteries work fine with his G2."

Surefire ( $21/12 batteries.)

Battery Junction ($1-$4 per battery.)

Green Batteries ($10.95 EA for rechargeable Li-Ion 123A batteries.)

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